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Success Campaign

ARC's team understands our ideas and translates them into right concept. Their flexible service is greatly appreciated, as it has allowed us to hit even the tightest deadlines. Excellent provider, they do a fantastic job at interpreting a creative brief and we look forward for future projects!

Rebecca Lee, Activation Manager
Confectionary Division of Nestle Products Sdn Bhd

Working with ARC has been a pleasant experience. They specialized in various artistic styles and we engaged them based on their expertise. The project was rushed and there were a lot of changes involved, but they worked very quickly and the final product exceeded our expectations. The team was very dedicated right up to the delivery.

Joanne Gan, Spritzer’s Brand Manager

ARC is a first-of-its-kind agency which connects companies with creative talents. I must recommend them for their fast turnaround and professionalism.

Michelle Liew
Development Manager for Bukit Bintang City Centre
(EcoWorld Development Management Sdn Bhd)

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