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A platform that provide job opportunity for musician and music lover to showcase their talents and earn for living at the same time.

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No Music Name Artist Name Genre Status Action
1 60th Digital World May 谢雅梅 classy
2 Ancient Mummy May 谢雅梅 classy
3 Anime Boy May 谢雅梅 fun
4 Burger shop May 谢雅梅 fun
5 Call Me Fashion Queen May 谢雅梅 classy
6 Chill Night May 谢雅梅 classy
7 Chinese Traditional Celebration Season May 谢雅梅 classy
8 Classic Fashion May 谢雅梅 classy
9 Comedy Gangster May 谢雅梅 classy
10 Criminal Monster May 谢雅梅 classy
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