Everyone who has fight for in his life is worth to have 5 minutes stand on the stage to share their journey and wisdom of life, to be listened to and give affirmative applause from the community.



Factory Startup Contest

ArtistCommunityAsia has been recognized, winning a spot in the Top 10 of the Dream Factory Startup Contest 2018!

After an exiting 2 months and 21 days of intensive business training, from 187 teams, 99 advanced to crowdfunding. From the 99, 34 teams were selected for the final round. Finally, we received the trophy for winning a spot in the Top 10, recognised by a panel of judges made up of 13 reowned business leaders. This is undoubtedly the biggest recognition our team has experienced yet!

Many thanks to all friends, sponsors, and clients who supported us during the crowdfunding period, and many thanks to the artists, media, and judges for believing in us and in our vision.

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