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Whimsy Whimsical

Yee Von is an illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She enjoys travel, stargazing, reading, Japanese food, and collecting various types of stationery. After completing her Degree in Graphic Design, Yee Von earned a Masters in Communication Design in Melbourne, where she decided to become an illustrator. Her artwork is usually hand-drawn on paper with pen and ink. She feels more connected to her illustrations that way and it gives them a personal touch as well. Yee Von usually colors them in Photoshop to finish them as she finds it easier and less messy. When she’s not drawing, you’ll find Yee Von driving around town, meeting friends for tea or reading at cafes :)

Book of Lai

Creator of Tiny Moving Series / Founder of Behind 90 (An Illustration Studio) Also a commercial Illustrator who create stunning visuals for forward thinking campaigns


? Malaysian ? Illustrator & Small Business Owner ? Ig@susannelowillustration

Instagram Account:


Hi there, I'm Jenice, a self-taught Lettering & Illustration artist based in Malaysia. "Your Memories Keeper" is our mantra. It is our motto to make sure you are having the feeling of "it's belongs to you and can be kept forever" through the beauty of our lettering and arts. TheWhitePaper.Co is inspired from a piece of white paper. Our customers are like a white paper and we ourselves are colours. By colouring a piece of white paper is how we want to bring joy, warmth and encouragement to everyone of you.


Hello ! You can call me Eureka ✷ I'm a freelance Illustrator based in Malaysia . Fascinated by colors . Obsessed with celestial bodies and astronomy . Inspired by all sorts of things ✷

Olive's Design

Illustrator | Comic Artist | Music Composer Visit my comic page at Instagram (@bichi.mao)

Amy's Watercolor

Watercolorist | Art Instructor , instagram: @byamychiinn

Fine Art By Ratna
Jeng Design

Hewooo! I like to draw cute hoomans but is an obāsan in real life (*´∀`) You can find me on ig @burningfishartroom

JL Creative
Project Heart Malaysia
House of Joy (Children's Home)
Daisy Dalia

Digital illustrations | Short animations | Art merchandise




Instagram @yeecold_illustrator

小米的慢生活 M.Life

Always love to create work with any style.

Leetle Pencil
Velvet Stunner Studio
Digital Design Ecommerce
Jenny C

Yoyo, Ichibaa here. An Illustrator that hoping the world getting better.


HI my chubby Family, welcome to chubbyLand, I am Rachel , the human behind Chubbywabii. Chubbywabii is based in two chubby hedgehog, name Fridy and Tutu. they love to make new friends, heading for new adventure, tasting new foods and more, so come join us at Chubby Land for more chubbiness.

Oh Doodlez

Hello! My name is Sue-Jane! I'm the illustrator and graphic designer behind the scenes of Oh Doodlez.

Potato Creative

Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day.

A Floating Dot

Hello there! I’m a illustrator and graphic designer. Hope you like my work.

Chunghae Art

Hello, I’m Chung a freelance illustrator and artist based in Land Below the Wind, Sabah Malaysia. Most of my illustration are inspired by Sabahan culture & flora fauna in Sabah. also cute-cute things. instagram @chunghae_


Bello! My name is Amanda, a hobbyist based in Penang, Malaysia. I enjoy experiencing everything artsy fartsy so come join along this journey of mine! Links :

Ace Lab Art

Hihi! I draw, I write and I letter. Hope you love what I've created! Thank you for stopping by!

Monochrome Aesthetic

Find me on instagram! @monochrome.aesthetic


Im a fulltime eater but part time in drawing. You can search me on instagram @wonders.of.eqa

Studio Liy

Liyana is a self-taught illustrator based in sunny Kuala Lumpur. Influenced by colourful whimsical cutesy things and nature. My goal is to create and bring to life ideas that warm people's hearts and make them smile. I'm very passionate about my creative work and plan to continue learning and growing in the world of media and design, exploring all of its forms. Collaborations are warmly welcomed


Founder of KL Sketchnation. A sketch artist.


Based in Selangor, MY :) Let my art tell your story~ Links:


Hi! I do comics :3 Instagram: mrpikel

Stive Asia 3
Nazry Salam

Assalamualaikum. I am a profesional comic artist based in Selangor. Sometimes I make 2D animations and write stories. My most popular work is Misi comic series which has been adapted into beautiful anime-like animation. Aside doing creative works, my other passion is teaching art to kids.

Apin Nism

Hi! I am an illustrator that love to play with character design. My aim is to reach audience with my warm and happy artworks that can leave positive experience and lasting impression.

Ainn's Art Cafe

Hello~ I'm Ainn from Negeri Sembilan! I like to draw cutesy stuff but it was not until last year that I have found my true passion for drawing food! I hope you would love to check them out and thank you so much~


hello I'm Mya, the girl behind myasquerade. I'm half human & half cartoon. I love drawing foods and ladies, sometimes I combine them both. I have 3 main girls that I named them Jellies. They're multiracial characters that I created as an inner thoughts to tell something.

Chong Arts

I'm a part-time comic artist in webtoon canvas and content creator on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. I'm also an Stive Asia content creator. Feel free to follow me on these platforms.


Hi! Luci's here. I found it hard for me to express myself in words so I speak through my art. I LOVE visual metaphor a lot! I also illustrates children books. Let’s be friend on instagram; @lucidrops


Hello! My name is Daphne and I'm just a drawer full of colours, cute vibes and occasional cringe. You can check out more of my works @katsudonno


Dreamer illustrator, kdrama kpop enthusiasm, bestfriend to bed


Hi, it's doodlehut from Johor here. Just start my illustration life and I love to try any type of illustration style. Hope you like my artworks ❤️ Welcome to my instagram too @doo_dlehut ?


Hi, I'm Miikoluna, a freelance illustrator from Malaysia. I'm fascinated by everything colourful and love drawing cute illustrations. :) Email: Instagram: @miikoluna


I love to draw, I love to paint in different medium, I love music and I live my life to fullest!


Full-time illustrator?✨ Self-taught artist?? Malaysian ??