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The experience to me is positive. I'm happy to join this platform and bring my art to a wider local audience. Though it's still relatively new, I can't wait to see where this platform is going to grow next!

The White Paper Co.

I believe Stive Asia is a very good platform for local artists because the market is overcrowded with talents who are lacking opportunities to showcase their talents.


Though the platform is relatively fresh, I believe it can provide Malaysian artists with a chance to be seen in this local market. In terms of my user experience, I find it very convenient. Loading time is quick, and there aren't any hiccups. There's even a section for businesses to approach designers directly.

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Create what you want and what your audience love! Highly efficient and practical tools to assist your creative journey!

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Grow income while sharing knowledges
Build a direct and honest way to connect with your audience! Share your stories and knowledge & earn passive income!

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From creating to marketing your artwork, we have many other useful tools for you to discover!

Develop recurring income
stream from your Intellectual Property in one place!

STIVE has everything to make income from your work


Spread your creativity & create templates/ stickers/ photography/ music audio in our editor!


Creative stimulations & hacks all in one place! Watch & learn from other creator’s videos!

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Tell the stories that matter to you! Record Your Journey, Share It Out & Inspire People!

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Get noticed & hired by brands and individuals! Zero charge from the platform.


Let your fans show you some love! Token of appreciation is welcomed in the form of a donation! Zero charge from the platform.

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Create your own discount code for your loyal fans!

Membership Package


Earn 30-50% Royalty Fee

  • Earn 30-50% Royalty Fee
  • Creators Profile
  • No. of Uploads: 20


Earn 100% Royalty Fee

RM1 / day



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  • Earn 100% Royalty Fee
  • Creators Profile
  • No. of Uploads: 50
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creative businesses.

14-days trial    Earn up to 97% royalties    Cancel anytime   

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  • What is the processing fee?

    To secure a smooth monetisation process for all creators, a standard charge of 5% or $0.30 (whichever is higher) will be introduced , which may vary according to your location. The fees cover the payment processors and the cost incurred by the creators on the editing and monetising process.
  • It does not cost money to submit.

    For every PRO and PRIME Account member, the platform will not charge any extra amount for new submissions. Creators will be paid accordingly every time their work gets downloaded by users. If we were to feature your artwork on social media, we will make sure to tag the creator to promote them as well.
  • Do I have to make an account?

    YES! And you are encouraged to experience the platform for 14 days FREE trial before you pay for PRO or PRIME Account subscription. Brands and businesses will get to connect with you directly without any additional charges and you can pause your account any time - no hard feelings!
  • How am I paid?

    For PRO and PRIME account creators, the platform will pay you up to 97% of your royalties commissions for every artwork downloaded and 100% of revenue - should any users contact you directly on ST!VE for any collaboration opportunities.

    If you are currently a FREE Account member, you will be charged 70% of royalties commision until the end of this year.
  • What are the benefits of being a PRO-Member?

    You will get paid up to 97% of your commission! Want to know more, dm us right away to be invited to a creator-exclusive webinar!
  • What rights do I have for my artwork/ creations?

    You retain full copyright to your work. You can re-use and re-sell your images under other non-exclusive provisions, so feel free to post them on Instagram too! (Tag us!)
  • I have friends that would like to join? How can I refer to them?

    Community is key! Send them our link at and get rewarded through our referral system! Unlock 2 months of FREE premium membership (worth RM 98) for both you and your friends! We are building SEA’s first membership + creative platform & community, we welcome every artist! In fact, the more the merrier!
  • Why should I do this?

    Everything moves fast these days in the social media era with technology and creative turnover rate is higher than ever! Submit your artwork at stive today, let them get the exposure they deserve. People/ businesses (Especially SMEs in Malaysia) need new templates every day and your artwork might be the right one for the next blooming brand!
    Plus, think about it, posting it on Instagram, or doing it once for a commission, which means you can only earn once – even so, your artwork can get rejected a few rounds before they make it. Why not, submit your artwork on ST!VE and earn recurring income?
  • Who should submit on ST!VE?

    If any of these describes you, you should!
    • Looking for ways to engage people, reach a wider audience and get exposure on your IG account
    • Wanting to boost your online following and inspire others
    • Curious about an easy way to earn extra cash
    • Creative at heart
    • Searching for ways to improve your content creation skills and use new techniques
    • Thinking about growing your brand or wanting to share a mission through your creations
    • Want to market yourself, and your creations but don't know how