Hello! My name is Daphne and I'm just a drawer full of colours, cute vibes and occasional cringe. You can check out more of my works @katsudonno

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Birthday bear surprise.png

2022-05-31 02:00:42

Birthday Froggy Balloon.png

2022-05-31 02:00:41

Birthday cupcake.png

2022-05-31 02:00:43

Birthday cake.png

2022-05-31 02:00:44

It is what it is.png

2022-05-31 02:00:44

Birthday cake.png

2022-05-31 02:00:45

Birthday party streamers.png

2022-05-31 02:00:46

Happy Birthday!.png

2022-05-31 02:00:48

I'm not Bready.png

2022-05-31 02:01:24

That's very unpog of you.png

2022-05-31 02:01:42

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