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This Illustrator Pivoted Her Arts and Crafts Company To Selling Unusual Aromatherapy Products During The Pandemic

When Covid-19 came into our world last year, many things in our lives have changed, including how we work. Remote working has become not only a norm but a must to keep us safe from the sporadic virus. Likewise, new trends have arisen, and people have started having different needs. One of them is aromatherapy products to keep their home (AKA workplace) fresh, calming, and productive. 

Such a trend does benefit the people who work from home. Because of this, one lady discovered this opportunity amid her lockdown challenges. Meet @lovelimzy, an artist cum illustrator who founded her arts and crafts company, four years ago. With events and on-site projects coming to a halt, Limzy turns to aromatherapy as a way to pivot and adapt. And believe me, her candles and diffusers are one of those rare breeds in the market. 


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A Calling To Return Home 

Originally from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Limzy moved to Singapore during her teenage years for schooling. In the end, she settled herself in this foreign land and ended up with an artist diploma from college. Right after graduation, she held various 9 to 5 jobs like art teacher and art gallery assistant. Though the job provided her security, she realised a nagging feeling in her to do something more. 

During her art teaching career, she would pick up the leftover materials left behind by her students and paint simple images on them. With social media being a new trend around that period, she couldn't hide her excitement any further and shared a few of her artwork online. 

As her artwork gradually gained popularity, freelance jobs started coming in one after another along the way. During this time, she finally knew it was time to honour her heart and jump on the opportunity to be a freelance illustrator. 

So, Limzy left her memories in Singapore and returned home to reunite with her family and fiance. 



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Humble Beginnings of

Currently based in KL, Limzy started her arts and crafts company offers customised gifts, flowers and event customising services. Began with a team of 2, the company has grown to 8 in 4 years. From helping event companies to lighting up individuals with her exquisite designs, it's those tiny minor sources of happiness that kept her going in this entrepreneurial pursuit. 

And also, her forever heartfelt inspiration, her Grandma. 

"My Grandma inspired my love for flowers. Her presence meant a lot to me, and because of her, I viewed flowers as dresses, as an art and as a source of joy."




Adapting To The New Norm 

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, we knew it wasn't easy for all artists and creators who heavily relied on events for income. Likewise, Limzy knew that it was time to pivot to something else as a means to survive and break through despite adversity. 

"When the pandemic came, we had this thought to transition to aromatherapy as staying at home has become a new norm. Since this was a must, it's the best time to have it." 

But, instead of following the usual aromatherapy designs made by others, Limzy made hers rather unusual. Combining colourful flowers and gel, candles from Lovelimzy have a transparent outlook that allows buyers to enjoy a delicate view of her material. 


On the other hand, her atypical collection of diffusers are mixed with flowers and essential oil to give buyers a natural scent at home. 





All her crafts are handmade and curated by Limzy, which proves that her concept is not ordinary like others. 


Golden Advice for Young People 

It wasn't a bed of roses for Limzy to develop her artistic style, and most importantly, owning and honouring who she was. We wouldn't end this interview without some 2 cents of advice from the lady herself. So here is some golden takeaway for you young artists who are working hard in making a name for yourself: 

  1. ✏️ Don't let others tell you you CAN'T DO IT! 
  2. ✏️ Along the way, you will get better and better, and if you don't start, you will never BE BETTER. 
  3. ✏️ Attitude is everything. The industry is not as big as you think. What you do says a lot about who you are. Hence, words get spread out very fast. BE PROFESSIONAL WHEREVER YOU ARE. 
  4. ✏️ Respect people and take your job SERIOUSLY. 

Hopefully, this article enhances your willpower to power up your engine. Now... go get the bread! 



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